Value of mutual

We firmly believe that our achievement as a company has much to do with our values, knowledge and the way we work each other. Our company value basis and worth are obligatory for all staff as they are the base of the prosperity and benefit for all of us.

Road construction and Mining machinery

Excavators, Bulldozers, Dump trucks


Mining Equipment

Drill bits, Pneumatic hammer, Hilti drill


Mineral Products



Construction Sanitary Equipment

Sanitary Valves, Sink, Flush Tank


Dried Fruits and Edible Nuts

Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Saffron, Dates


Petrochemical Products

Basic, Intermediate, final products and derivatives


Ferrous Metals [Iron, Steel]

Iron Ore (Hematite & Magnetite), Sponge Iron (DRI), Concentrate, Pellet, Iron Sheet, Beam, Reinforcing Deformed and Plain Round Bars, Steel Pipes, Steel Scrap


Non-Ferrous Metals [Copper, Aluminum]

Copper Pipe/Tube, Copper Cathode, Copper Scrap, Copper Cable (Low, Medium & High Voltage), Copper Wire, Aluminum Cable (Low, Medium & High Voltage)


Building Materials and Equipment

Doors, Windows Accessories and fittings, Stone Facade and Veneer, Ceramic Tiles, Decoration Wallpaper and Curtain, Artificial Grass, Electric & Electronic Equipment, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Solar Panel, Construction Tools and Accessories


Cellulosic Products and Papers

All type of papers such as Office Documentation, Uncoated/Coated Paper and Board, Packaging, Kraft, Wrapping, Household, Health Care, Pulp, Tissue, Newsprint


Raw Materials for Paints

Pigments, Solvents, Resins and Additives


Handicrafts, Home appliances and Garment Accessories

Carpet and kilim, Carpet Frame, Metalwork, Glasswork, Turquoise Art, The Art of Copper and Inlay, Leather, Mosaic Panel, Miniature, Enamel Art, Tiles and Ceramics, Paper Marbling, Calligraphy, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Microwaves, Cooker, Sewing Thread, Button, Zipper, Label, Shoulder pad, Linings, etc.


Commitment to Quality

Allied Group is committed to it's services and quality and attempt to meet the client’s expectations and needs. We also conform the industry best practices and continuously improve the success and effectiveness of our quality management system. At Allied Group and for any project we undertake, we pursue a systematic and disciplined procedure and helping our clients to benefit from our experience.

Fully understanding our customer's needs is of primary importance. Unequaled operational superiority, along with our ability to deliver high-quality products and services to our clients, has made us a credible and trusted name between trading companies and we are continually trying to comprise process improvements.

With Allied Group, smooth service delivery is assured